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Alcoholism is more than just heavy drinking. It ruins family life, social engagements, education, work... and that’s before we mention its physical and mental effects.

But what can you do if your spouse, partner, friend or colleague can't find a way to stop drinking and destroying all that is dear to you and him (or her)? And what can you do if YOU are the one who lives from bottle to bottle and can't find a way out?

You may have said; “real solutions don't seem to exist”.

I can forgive you for this thought, because that's what I used to think, too.

You see I had tried it all - AA, Rehab units, home detox and will power. Each time I had a period of sobriety but I was never happy. Something was always missing, "er could that have been 'booze' Andy?” I hear you ask.

Well yes, that was the problem, I had removed the drug from my life without replacing it with anything meaningful.

Many years ago I found the solution to my addiction; it was to be driven toward a better and brighter future rather than away from my self destructive past.

It sounds like a small difference, almost a play on words. But it's more than that. In fact, it is the single most important difference between a dry existence and the full exciting and wonderful life I enjoy today, sober, sane and successful!

On this site I would like to share with you what has helped me, has allowed me to help others, and now how it could help YOU, whether you cope with alcoholism yourself or know someone who does.

I will also give you a lot of factual information on alcoholism. Facts give you insight into why it is important to stop and information on methods available to you will make you more informed - knowledge is power.

All too often, drinkers and family members deny or rationalize a drinker's dependency. Wrong, being honest about the problem is vital.

Another mistake - "a problem drinker can not be helped until he reaches rock bottom".... wrong again!

Intervention works and you can stop the physical, mental, economic, social and emotional havoc booze causes. It takes effort - a WHOLE LOT of effort - but as I, and others I have helped have done it, you or someone you know can do it too.

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